Those Avatars keep getting clothier

Microsoft has finally ended my boredom of switching through the same outfits over and over again with my Avatar. I mean, that’s all the system is used for right? Thank goodness that Major Nelson has announced that new clothes are out and are free. If you didn’t get a chance to check them all out this morning before work, they’re pretty 80’s-tastic, so just be ready with wome White Snake and Pong before you start dressing your Avatar.

For the guys:

Pixel Art Hoodie
Rave Baseball Cap
Dark Purple Jeans
Green Skinny Fit Jeans
Pink Sweat Bands

For the ladies:

Green Chunky Ring
Red Chunky Ring
Yellow Fingerless Gloves
Blue Fingerless Gloves
Chunky Beaded Bracelet
Day-glo Zebra Print Pumps
Rave Baseball Cap