Two or three more PixelJunk games coming in ’09?

The official Playstation Blog is a great resource for PS3 fans. Whether it be developers writing about their games or Playstation developers talking about future firmware updates, it seems there isn’t a shortage of information on the site for the hardcore fans. President and Executive Producer for Q-Games Dylan Cuthbert is one of the more recent developers to grace the pages of the blog and for fans of PixelJunk games, the news is very exciting.

Dylan began his post by talking about a bunch of games he enjoyed throughout ’08. From GTA IV to Fallout 3, he pretty much hit the big ones on the head. However, towards the end of his post he mentions the following, “Here’s to an amazing 2009 for gaming as I am sure it is going to be, what with two or three more PixelJunk titles coming out, right!?”  No mention has been made about what these games will be about, but I’m sure we will be hearing news about this in the near future.

For fans of PixelJunk Eden, Cuthbert also mentions in the comment section that a patch will be coming out for the PSN exclusive game around the second or third week in January. The patch “makes (among other things) the large crystals replenish a whole half of your oscillator meter instead of a third.”  Exciting stuff, right?