It’s a platformer! It’s a roguelike! It’s Spelunky!

If you’re scratching your head bloody trying to piece together how something such as a roguelike platformer can exist and not cause people to dive off roofs, you’re not alone. When I woke up this morning, I wanted to watch The Weather Channel and reflect on life’s subtle nuances, but I hit the internet instead and stumbled upon the free, indie PC title, Spelunky.

The game is a first and foremost a platformer with elements similar to those hardcore dungeon crawlers known as roguelikes. The levels are procedurally-generated, sporting destructible terrain and a limited inventory system that requires thought before doing something stupid so as not to get crushed by a boulder or, hilariously, by a bomb you accidentally armed. If I had a nickel…

If watching the video above gave you a little feeling of Cave Story (the indie darling that changes lives and the cat’s litter box), then I need to know where to send roses and chocolates because we are soul mates. Is it too soon to move in?