Rising from the ashes – Lord British returns

After a roller coaster year for Richard Garriott — traveling in space, leaving NCSoft and having his Sci-Fi MMO Tabula Rasa canceled — it looks like Lord British is planning a rock star comeback of epic proportions. Well we may not go that far, but it seems like Lord British is returning from the space exploration world and has plans to make a new game.

Garriott explains that having done fantasy based games for 25 years, the last thing he wanted to do was make another fantasy game. Which is interesting considering the plans for his next game are for a fantasy based online game. Stick to what you know I guess? He also had nice words for Blizzard and their World of Warcraft, “If I had to pick a developer who has done a bang up job, it would be Blizzard. The number of people they have converted is just amazing. They have shown all of us what good game development is all about.”

We here at TVGB wish Lord British the best, and look forward to what he will bring to us. We’re sorry that Tabula Rasa wasn’t a hit, but we’re hopeful that the godfather of the MMORPG can bring us a great new fantasy game (hopefully a new IP, but we also wouldn’t mind Ultima). We are concerned though, that he may be afraid of risk because of Tabula Rasa’s failure and hope that he doesn’t make a conservative game. Garriott is one of the best and we hope that he’ll push the limits and surprise us all.