Developers reveal their own resolutions

You’ve probably cruised around the internet and have seen or heard some form of a resolution from other gamers, but have you heard the New Year’s resolutions developers have committed to? Develop got the opportunity to speak to some of the UK’s top developers about what they plan to complete for 2009, with some of those resolutions pertaining to games that the developer is working on.

“Our resolutions are to get all the finishing touches done to our online title APB, see it through one of the biggest game launches of 2009, and contribute to finally proving to those who look down on games that it’s a formidable industry, particularly in a climate more and more traditional industries are proving they can’t handle,” said Colin Macdonald of Realtime Worlds.

Some other resolutions are definitely some that developers as well as consumers can get behind: “My games industry New Year’s resolution is to campaign against everyone releasing their games at the same time before Christmas. As a developer, it’s annoying to see your game drowned in a sea of mighty Evergreen competition, and as a consumer it’s annoying that there are so many games to buy at the same time. This, too, when there are massive droughts at other times of the year,” said Jason Avent of Black Rock Studios. We’ll have to see if this resolution receives any attention.