Lenny Kravitz, Steve Miller Band DLC coming soon to Rock Band

In addition to the recently announced Roy Orbison song pack, which is scheduled to hit the Xbox Live Marketplace on Jan. 6 and the PlayStation Network on Jan. 15, we’ve apparently got some Lenny Kravitz and Steve Miller Band heading our way this month. According to a post over at Kotaku, the DLC info was accidentally posted on the official Rock Band forums and just as accidentally swept under the rug – but not before we bloggers could pounce on it like a pack of starved wolves.

And now we lay the saliva-speckled details at your feet, asking only for the occasional pat on the head or loving stroke down our spine: For fans of red jumpsuits and dreadlocks, Are You Gonna Go My Way, Freedom Train, Let Love Rule, and Mr. Cab Driver by Lenny Kravitz. And for all you midnight tokers, The Joker and Space Cowboy by Steve Miller Band. A diverse start to 2009, no?