Taking a more scientific approach to Wii Fit

Nintendo sells about a trillion Wii’s a year and Wii Fit continues to be a major seller at retail, so statistically there should be less obesity in the world. That’s what we want to believe but the jury is still out on whether or not using Wii Fit actually improves one’s fitness level. Even though our own Matthew Razak has done some experimenting of his own, Scott Owens from the University of Mississippi has started his own six month study involving eight families who have been given Wii Fit for three months. The results will show each family’s progress with and without Wii Fit when the study concludes.

The statistics that are provided by Wii Fit will help determine if the families have improved their level of fitness. If the results turn out to be in Wii Fit‘s favor we’ll have to find another excuse as to why we refuse to use our muscles for anything but button mashing.