A brief lesson in how not to make a game video from Renegade Kid

I’m a huge fan of Renegade Kid and their DS FPS game Dementium. Thus Moon has me, and much of the rest of the staff here at TVGB, all a twitter. However, the newest “trailer” or “director’s diary” or whatever from the game is a bit lacking. Firstly Jools Watsham, owner and creative director of Renegade Kid, looks like he’s just woken up and forgot that today was the day he had to have that new trailer ready to go. Secondly, there’s no style to it and thirdly it shows a pretty cool boss, but then just cuts off with no discussion. I know Renegade Kid is a small studio and doesn’t have the bucks for a full blown media blitz, but a bit style never hurt anyone.

So here are our helpful tips for the next video:
1. Find a mic that you don’t have to wear.
2. More information and gameplay
3. Remember, you’re in the public eye now. It’s all about presentation.

We hate because we love, Renegade Kid. Moon looks awesome, so its trailers should too.