Giveaway / TVGB’s 2008 box of stuff

2008 was a big year for TVGB. It was our first total year in existence and we fooled enough game companies into thinking we were important enough to invite us to events and send us really cool stuff. Of course a lot of that stuff we’ve given away to you, the reader, but we’ve also got a box sitting in the TVGB office (it’s a metaphorical office, but a real box) full of videogame related stuff. The above image shows just a few of the great things in the box like a Skate 2 skateboard deck, a Mr. Resetti plush and plenty of Dead Space goodies. There’s also Need for Speed Undercover and Quantum of Solace, plus some other extra goodies we want to surprise the winner with.

So, how to win this entire box of awesome goodies? In the comments below, Just tell us all about what you’re looking forward to in 2009 when it comes to videogames, and you’ll get all our stuff from 2008. Looking forward and gaining from the past is what we’re all about here, and what we wish the gaming world was all about too. And remember, if there is anything more awesome than having more stuff it’s having that stuff come in a big box to your doorstep.