Jack Thompson takes his disbarment appeal to the supreme court

Another year, another Jack Thompson story. Really, at this point, I’m getting the impression that the guy doesn’t even give half a damn about the treachery of videogames and just wants to make media waves. In fact, that may well have been his intent this entire time. Anyway, being the good informative blog we are, the latest efforts of everyone’s favorite vigilante litigator to grab our attention is by way of his efforts to get the American supreme court to consider his appeal of his disbarment.

GamePolitics reports that he recently requested an extention of time to petition for a writ of certiorari, or just cert, or, basically, a chance for the Supreme Court to hear him out. That extention was granted to him, giving him until Feb. 18 to file his petition. Time will tell if he scores the time of the Supreme Court, but here’s hoping they have better things to do. You never know these days.