Next LEGO title will make you surprised

All fans of mute and cute LEGO characters out there are probably waiting eagerly for the next title in the series. Earlier rumors stated that it would be the young wizards and witches of the Harry Potter universe that would help you out with those hilarious puzzles (and occasionally piss you off with their magically bad AI), but that’s not the case according to one of Eurogamer’s sorcerers… sources working close to Traveller’s Tales. Apparently there is a fair chance that TT will release a LEGO Harry Potter game, but not in the next 12 months.

In an interview with Radio BBC, TT Producer Loz Doyle was asked if another Indiana Jones game was on the radar. “You never know,” he replied. “There’s always the possibility that we would revisit a franchise. And you never know, it might not be the end of Star Wars, it might not be the end of Indy – we keep our options open.”

Don’t place your bets just yet though. Doyle doesn’t leave without making us scratch our heads. “There will be a LEGO game in 2009. And I think it’s okay to say that you’ll be a bit surprised.” Something (probably that highly educated guess of wisdom again) tells me that it’ll neither be a Star Wars nor Indy game. If we put away the LEGO Rock Band rumor for a moment, we have some other options that are likely as well. Other Warner Bros.-owned franchises are The Matrix, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Lord of the Rings. And don’t forget Rush Hour. I give the option that we’ll be playing Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan next year a 94 per cent chance.