Rumor / Forza 3 is a comin’

I think a big ol’ duh is in order here, but signs are pointing towards what many would call the inevitable. A new Forza game is on the way and as far as we know they’re going with the incredibly apt title of Forza 3. The good people at Forzacentral, a site we can’t really claim we found on our own, discovered that the other good people at Kaarbo Design, who worked on the models and menus for the Forza games, listed Forza 3 as one of their current projects.

Now it isn’t confirmation, but much like seeing a listing over at the ESRB, it means it’s most likely. If you need proof, check out the above screenshot and the one after the jump. See, screen captures don’t lie. The television and the internet always tell the truth. You remember that when TVGB asks you to forward us all your money tomorrow because when we say it’s for the greater good, it has to be true.