The Wii sends chills down the TV industry

The Wii to conquer television in Japan? Maybe not just yet, but that’s what is being talked about and feared between many major stations in Japan. Just the thought of it happening seems to be sending chills down their spines. Is the fear of there being no more colorful and hilarious game shows really that strong?

Just last month Nintendo stated that they were going to eventually launch a channel that is of a video-on-demand quality later this year in Japan. Apparently to the suits of Japanese television this is a big no-no. Add the fact that Nintendo has partnered up with leading advertising firm Dentsu and this is bound to create more knots in television’s stomach. Dentsu will be used to produce “original programming for the channel that’ll be ad-supported, and they’ll also be soliciting other businesses to produce original programming content as well,” as said in 1UP.

Some info about this upcoming feature has been layed down. For starters, the new Wii channel will apparently be named “Wiinoma,” will be launched in the Spring, and some programming to expect are cartoons, quizzes, cooking shows (beat that Cooking Mama!), and some educational shows to get those brains functioning properly again.

Is this something to be worried about when it comes to people moving their love of television and focusing it more on their consoles? Possibly, but for now television broadcasters are taking it as a serious threat to their jobs. A senior executive for Fuji Television has stated that Nintendo will pretty much win the war in becoming a centerfold of entertainment if they were to launch “Wiinoma” successfully. And this is the nightmare of all nightmares for TV. He also goes on to state that this timing would be perfect for Nintendo, and bad bad bad for Japanese TV broadcasting. This is due to constant criticism for television relying “too heavily on repeats and celebrity formats.” So basically, Nintendo’s offer of there being a bigger variety of shows is making these companies pee in their pants.

Well, if Nintendo starts getting threats from the Japanese television industry, they can always bump up their expected international release from later this year to in a few months.