Eidos’ PR people are at it again

Oh Eidos PR, you think you’re oh so clever and yet you keep getting all this egg on your face. You’d think eventually it would rot and the bad smell would make you stop doing silly things, but alas, such is not the case. Recently Aussie magazine Hyper held a poll to see what its readers thought were the best games of 2008. One guy kept submitting Soul Bubbles for the Nintendo DS. One guy whose email ended in @eidos.co.uk.” Ooops.

I mean, sure he could be a real fan and Soul Bubbles wasn’t the worst game to hit the DS in the entire year, but describing it as “without doubt the best use of touchscreen ever and hands down the most impressive physics” leads one to believe that he may have had ulterior motives. Seriously, what is the overall benefit of voting for this game over and over? I can’t even see this garnering one extra sale, and it sure as hell wasn’t going to win the poll. Please, anyone in PR, explain this to me.