New details on I Am Alive emerge from the rubble

Details on Ubisoft’s survival-action title I Am Alive have been scarce as of late. The last anyone heard of I Am Alive was that Jade Raymond of Assassin’s Creed fame would be on board as a producer. Sure, that would be enough to get us to salivate a little, but anyone other than us would need a bit more. Thankfully GamesTM has dug up a little information in their cover article that features the game. First we’ll start with the surprising news.

Anyone who was looking forward to Jade Raymond acting as producer should know that it was purely a rumor. In fact the developer, Darkworks (known for their last title Cold Fear) has absolutely no idea how the rumor actually got started. In her place is Alexis Goddard, who is very very excited to talk about the upcoming game. According to Goddard, I Am Alive has a variety of different influences that affect its development.

“..Most of what we’re doing will remind you of tidbits that you’ve seen or heard here and there — Robert Neville in I Am Legend gradually starts to lose his humanity and sanity in the ruins of New York. In The Day After Tomorrow and War of the Worlds you see Western cities torn apart by unrelenting forces,” said Goddard in the article. Surprisingly, Goddard also draws comparisons to Cloverfield and Armageddon. Does that mean we’ll see a giant monster and an earth-shattering asteroid? Who knows, but Goddard hints that the game well center around the theme of normal everyday life being turned on its head, as main character Adam Collins must search for his girlfriend after an earthquake nearly demolishes Chicago.

Another interesting aspect is the role of water. Yes, water bottles are an essential mechanic to the game. The bottles are used in place of health packs, and may be used to distract enemies in order to clear a path for Collins. Makes you think that Solid Snake would have it much easier if he used some Aquafina. There is also a proposed ban on guns in Chicago in this time line, which means that using weapons is kept to a minimum. Goddard explains this through a hypothetical situation.

“You’ve found a police shotgun, which is out of bullets — rightfully so, since Chicago has long been a proponent of a ban on guns. How about some intimidation? After all, who knows the gun is empty but you? Just point it at looters and they’ll remain at a distance as you progress toward your objective. However, you can only aim it at one person, so you have to watch for being flanked.”

Odd, considering that the title is in a first person perspective, and the genre is usually comfortable with giving the character a sh*t-ton of guns to deal with obstacles (spare Mirror’s Edge). The article is definitely enough to keep our eyes on the title, even if our beloved Jade Raymond isn’t on the team. The GamesTM story provides a heap of information as well as pretty artwork to look at, giving us a better understanding of the ruined world I Am Alive takes place in.