PS3 is up 130 percent for holiday sales

Sony of America is announcing that the PS3’s sales have shot up 130 percent over the holiday season, which started on Black Friday and ended on New Year’s. They also are claiming a 40 percent increase in sales over the year as a whole. Not too shabby for a system the internet was pretty much crying the death knolls of a week or so ago thanks to the poor November sales results.

Despite the fact that both the Wii’s sales more than doubled (that’s 2.4 million from under 1 million) during the month of November, Sony is happy with where they’re at. In fact they say the drop, and this is actually quite likely, is because November of last year was an “abnormally strong month due to a price cut (with) the introduction of the 40GB PS3.” Thus we can all conclude that the PS3 is still trucking, but it’s definitely still in first gear climbing up a steep mountain while the Wii does some sort of truck dance at the top of the mountain, taunting the poor PS3’s slow accent.