What’s in a name?

What’s in a name? Pure freakin’ brilliance, that’s what! How can indie developer Semnat Studios go wrong with a game called Eduardo the Samurai Toaster? It just sounds so right. Why haven’t toasters been Samurai before? It just seems wrong now not to have Samurai and toasters together.

Thankfully there has to be more to games than just clever titles, otherwise no one would have bought Leisure Suit Larry. Brave little Eduardo has some good highlights for his first outing, which will be appearing on the Wii, including drop in drop out co-op play. Up to four players can work together to take on the Peking Opera pastries, spear toting carrots and robotic mangos or throw each other around the screen for a proper Samurai beat down on friends and family.

Eduardo the Samurai Toaster (just can’t say that out loud enough) is rated E, so there will be several difficulty options for players of all ages. The side-scrolling, run’n’gun 2D shooter will play out over 13 levels and feature 5 different pastry pickups that can upgrade the toasters’ firepower. Like many other games in this genre players can hop on vehicles, in this case laser equipped scooters and jet packs. Semnat went for a nontraditional aesthetic design, using visuals created in pen and ink, acrylic paint and charcoal. The screenshots look good, but we’re not sure what to make of the above picture except that those look like some seriously pissed off poptarts and Tommy Chong looks great as a toaster.

Wii gamers will get to see just how Samurai a toaster can be when Eduardo drops later this winter exclusively on WiiWare.