Independent Games Festival announces their finalists

If you really want to be on the cutting edge of gaming then the Independent Games Festival (IGF) is the place to be. Every year they gather the best independent games out there and deliver unto them awards and prestige. This is good, because most people don’t know or care about the independent gaming world at all and anything that might raise humanity’s awareness of one of the greatest artistic treasure troves out there is a good thing. This years festival is from March 23-27 and as such the finalists for the IGF Awards have just been announced.

For the general public most of these games won’t ring many bells. Notable games that most people may have heard of are PixelJunk Eden, Zeno Clash and Blueberry Garden. I can tell you that I’ve only played two of the games on the list but after heading over to the IGF site and checking out the descriptions on most of the games, I’m desperately wishing I could play more. That’s the real problem with the indie gaming scene; it’s so damn hard to get into.