MySims crashing the party

The Lollipop Guild of Sims is at it again. This time EA is taking MySims deeper into Nintendo land with two new titles for both the Wii and DS in 2009 — MySims Party and MySims Racing. Whether they are too kiddishly cute or a step in the right direction, we can’t say we didn’t expect more from this branch of the franchise. What we didn’t expect were group party games.

MySims Party looks like, well, a Wii party game. There will be 50 games including snowboarding, racing, dancing, rhythm games and oh yeah, running from a giant robot. This isn’t all bad. Wii party games are usually fun for half an hour or so at parties and MySims Party does have a few ups on even Mario Party. Players’ choice on MySims characters will make a difference in gameplay as each one has individual skills, endurance, speed and even luck. Players can compete in mini game after mini game, or they can compete in a themed festival like food, music or sports.

The DS version of MySims Party will include 40 mini games with FPS levels, digging for dinosaur bones and playing air guitar.

MySims Racing looks like another kart game with the cartoony MySims drivers and undersized rides. There will be multiple characters, karts and tracks as well as weapons like heat-seeking jack-o-lanterns and a bubble dropper. Surprisingly though, its MySims Racing that feels more like a Sims game. Players will be able to fully customize their rides with varying body styles, paint jobs and tons of accessories. On top of that, players can alter how their ride performs by mixing and matching engines, suspension and tires to improve power, acceleration and handling.