Rhythm Heaven learns a little English

While we’re hoping Amazon’s price ($40) and date (Nov. 30) for the stateside release of Rhythm Heaven are just placeholders, the boxart gets a free pass. Super-kawai asexual choral singers are always in style.

Disturbing window into the minds of boxart designers aside, we can’t wait to get our hands on this localized version of Rhythm Heaven, otherwise known as Rhythm Tengoku Gold, Japan’s chart-topping title featuring 2-3 minute rhythm games played by button-mashin’ to the sweet sway of music. Let us pray to the ancestors of videogames that the decidedly Japanese quirkiness isn’t lost in translation. If you’ve no clue what I’m talking about, might I direct your attention to the region-free import, available now in all it’s Mitsuo “Tsunku” Terada-infused glory. The sooner you start de-hairing vegetables, gobbling buns and smashing flies, the better.