Rumor / Ubisoft to reveal two Tom Clancy games this year

An inside source from Ubisoft has been talking with CVG about what the company has planned with their lucrative Tom Clancy franchise. It seems we’ll be getting announcements of two new Tom Clancy games this year; one from the Ghost Recon series and the other from Rainbow Six. The source even hints that the two games could be hitting store shelves by Christmas of 2009.

Sadly, the source refused to reveal if the games will follow in their predecessors footsteps or if they’ll be new directions for the two series. Most likely it’s a new direction for both games as Ghost Recon has had a two year hiatus, hinting that they’re reworking the game, and if Rainbow Six returns to Vegas yet again I think people might be a little grumpy. There are so many other awesome cities the R6 series could take place in. Think about this: Rainbow Six Poughkeepsie. Po-town is da bomb.