Sonic team sucks, and now there is proof

We have wondered for years why Sonic Team doesn’t listen to the literally thousands upon thousands of shouting fans who scream the exact same thing every time a Sonic game comes out. It’s like the team is completely disconnected from the world of gaming and just doesn’t care anymore. Well, that actually seems to be the case. After some digging through the archives of the internet, Green Hill Zone user FlashTHD has validated a blog that sheds some light on the whole Sonic Team fiasco.

The blog belongs to one Ben Andac, a former “Game Evaluator” and an “Admissions and Recruitment Executive” for both Sega Europe and Sony Computer Entertainment Europe. In some past blogs, which also had to be dug up since SEGA had forced Andac to shut his blog down, he discusses the rocky situation between Sonic Team and SEGA, informing us that SEGA forced Sonic Team to stop developing NiGHTS: Journey Into Dreams for the 360 and cram it into the less powerful Wii. “Despite the shift in platform, the game’s fast-approaching release date and limited development budget remained firmly unchanged, giving Sonic Team roughly one year to rebuild NiGHTS exclusively for the Wii,” Andac wrote.

Of course this doesn’t explain the suck that is Sonic, though it does show how Sonic Team is treated by SEGA. Luckily Andac wrote on the whole Sonic situation too, saying, “There’s no doubt that Sonic Team have lost their quality touch. They are worse than talentless: they are without passion. Bored, weary, closed-minded and out of touch with any sense of what makes games good anymore.”

So there we have it. Sonic Team doesn’t like Sonic anymore, and why should they? They have to pump out a game almost yearly around the exact same premise. I almost agree with them putting in other gameplay mechanics, just so the team can keep its own sanity. Here’s hoping that SEGA gives them a few years rest and then the return with the greatest Sonic game ever.