Mommy, where do Prototypes come from?

(front door creaks open, keys drop on table)

CD: Grand Theft Auto, I’m home!
GTA: Shit! It’s my husband, Crackdown! Quick The Darkness, into the closet!
CD: There you are honey! What are you doing in the bedroom? And why do you look so sweaty, dishevelled and breathless?
GTA: Don’t tell me you forgot “date night?” Get in here, you open world sandbox stud you, and lemme pour you a pipin’ hot cup of coffee.

(from inside the closet)

S:WOS: Move over man, I can’t see a damn thing.
TD: Spiderman: Web of Shadows!?!

And then, nine months later, this trailer was born! We’ve added seven new pictures to our Prototype scrapbook, but to see the shape-shifting tyke in action, hit the jump for all the car-leaping, wall-running, zombie-slashing, tank-smashing a proud parent could wish for!