Monster Hunter 3 details revealed

Ryozo Tsujimoto, producer of the highly anticipated Monster Hunter 3, was good enough to reveal some new information in an interview with GameTrailers. The first good news is that existing fans of the series don’t have to worry about gimmicky control schemes. Capcom is making this exclusive transition easier with multiple Wiimote control configurations or players can even opt for the Classic controller instead.

Moving to the little console that could has given the developers an opportunity to start from scratch. Even previously created characters or monsters are being completely remade. Tsujimoto said that the graphics engine has also been built from the ground up with one simple goal — to be the best in graphics on the Wii.

MH3 will bring back the multiplayer options from the PlayStation 2 games with four player online co-op. While they haven’t determined how many people can be in the online town or city yet, seven years of experience is going into making the online component seamless and easy for players to hook up.

A release date still hasn’t been set and Tsujimoto admits that a Western release of the game hasn’t been considered yet, but will if the demand (and money) is there. That being said, we’re sure it will make it to other shores eventually and should turn out to be worth the wait.