Moon videos are getting better

All right, so the first “director’s diary” for Moon was a bit substandard, but it looks like Renegade Kid is learning. This time around we get a solid chunk of gameplay, and it actually shows off something that’s pretty darn interesting. Moon evidently will have some driving levels put into it. Not a totally new aspect for an FPS, but considering that this is the only FPS on the DS anyone is looking forward to, a very nice touch. Jools Watsham, co-owner and creative director of Renegade Kid, says that the controls are good, but we’ll have to wait until the game comes out to see if they’ve actually nailed driving and shooting at the same time.

So the gameplay looks fun, but Watsham is still in the same old shirt and headset. Listen, Jools, baby, go back and re-shoot these things in a tux with buxom women or at least set up a camera and sit in front of it. I can tell you’re clicking on a mouse, you know. I saw your arm move. To summarize: Videos getting better, Moon still looks very promising.