Pedos are in your Home!

During his investigation of the weird world of PlayStation Home, Adam Mathew of Gameplayer had a disturbing encounter best described in his own words: “While doing some research on ‘who actually buys HOME clothing’ we happened across a fellow in a cowboy hat (who we’ll call ‘Jed’). After telling Jed who we were and why we were here doing research, we had an interesting discussion about why he bought the cowboy hat, and virtual belongings in general. Jed told us that he’d done up his apartment with furniture and he invited us over to see it all. Being that it was related to the conversation and the Home research we agreed.”

“The distant tingle of an alarm bell sounded when I materialized in Jed’s apartment. Everything was super colour-coordinated, ultra chic, and the furniture had been surgically arranged in the room (possibly with a virtual laser level). “Nice feng shui” I mumbled. “I know!” he typed back enthusiastically. It was at this point that I applied this virtual scene to its real life equivalent: I’m currently standing in a trendy house with a cowboy (who, just now, has decided to halve my personal space) and we’re talking about the sensible placement of his furniture.”

“Houston, we may need to abort…”

“Sensing an awkward lull in the conversation Jed and I discussed interests, hobbies, and ages (he ‘said he was over thirty’, and out of journalistic curiosity I told him that I was younger than I am. I said I was 15). This was a colossal mistake. What happened next all but confirmed the sum of all fears: ‘do you have a cam? I’d like to c u in the flesh’ Jed asked, moving in to ‘lap dance distance’. That’s right folks, Jed-o was something of a pedo.”

Mathew describes this as an isolated incident, stating that most people he chatted up during the course of his Home research didn’t seem the type to lure him into an unmarked van with tinted windows, but at the same time this incident seems to prove those people are indeed out there, and they own PS3’s. Play at your own risk.