Red Alert 3 expansion announced, no Tim Curry

Tim Curry anyone? I know Jason will have a big helping spoonful (hint: listen to our amazing end of the year podcast), but unfortunately it doesn’t look like he’ll be returning for Command & Conquer Red Alert 3‘s new expansion, Uprising, which will be available for digital download this March. However, for the more breasticle inclined, both Gemma Atkinson and Ivana Milicevic will be along with a host of new “top Hollywood talent.”

In case you actually care about the gameplay and not just the cheesy acting, there is no need to fear. Uprising, which doesn’t require the original Red Alert 3 to play, will pick up right where the last game left off expanding on the stories and battles of the three time traveling factions. In addition to four mini-campaigns, one for each faction and one bonus campaign centered on the origins of the Empire of the Rising Sun’s commando Yuriko, Command & Conquer Red Alert 3: Uprising will also introduce the new Commander’s Challenge, enabling the players to test their skills against a set of nine commanders from different territories and difficulty levels in 50 unique challenges with their own special rules and unique conditions.

I’m not sure which part of this makes up for the lack of Curry, but maybe they’re jusst trying to pull a fast one and will surprise everyone with the man’s triumphant return later on.