Sony talks smack on 360 and Wii

If there is one thing that is awesome, it’s trash talking. I’m not talking the crappy Live stuff that 12-year-old boys want you to think is trash talking. I’m talking all out, no-holds barred, quality trash talking. So when Sony steps up and delivers some, it’s a good day for me and for flaming fanboy fires. In order to defend some of their more recent decisions, Sony has decided to insult their competition.

First off the Xbox is far too expensive: “The Xbox 360 requires additional money, multiple upgrades and additional external devices, putting a burden on the wallet and add[ing] clutter to the entertainment center,” claimed Sony. “The PS3 is the perfect example of a product featuring superior technology and a sophisticated design creating an ideal all-in-one entertainment product.” Some valid points, but if I pick up a $300 Xbox and get a gold membership I’ve pretty much got everything I need right there to get online and play games and I’m still under a PS3’s cost. However, the 360 does lack wireless so I would need that cost added in, plus no hi-def movies so I can see where they’re coming from.

Second it’s the Wii’s turn: “The Wii’s lack of enhanced features comes at the expense of a comprehensive entertainment solution. So as PS3 continues to evolve without the need for additional parts or expenses, expect the competition to continue peddling add-ons in an effort to keep up with the Jones’.” I don’t know who these “Jones” are, but if Sony wants to insult the Wii then how about coming up with something a bit more original than the fact that it is under powered? Duh, got it. Oh, and in case Sony hadn’t noticed, people seem to like buying all those add-ons. At least it wasn’t the “it’s for kiddies angel.”