Zangief need love too, for beneath rippling muscle beat human heart

The good folks at Capcom recently received a package with “a note scribbled in a child like hand writing,” and thank goodness they didn’t call the bomb squad because the mysterious piece of mail was none other than the Zangeif Chronicles. Sent to Capcom as a New Year’s gift, the video series follows Street Fighter‘s hairy-kneed Hercules in the fight against his toughest opponent, the human condition.

“Zangief battled many enemies in his life before Street Fighter II. All have fallen beneath lumbering boots of Zangief at one time or another. But sometimes, there is battle that even Zangief cannot win. One that doesn’t take place in frozen tundras against polar bears. Zangief speak of greater struggle. A struggle that lives not in physical world, but in human heart. This is Zangief Chronicles.”

There are four episodes so far showcasing the life, and the loves, of Capcom’s strapping strongman: Zangief vs. Love, Zangief vs. Copywriter, Zangief vs. Speed Dating and Zangief vs. New Year’s. We can only hope there are more hilariously heartbreaking tales to come. Zangief vs. 10-Year High School Reunion has the makings of an instant classic.