Awesome LittleBigPlanet machinima, take 2

Media Molecule have not only produced a hugely innovative game in LittleBigPlanet, but in advertising the title they have created some of the most entertaining and groundbreaking promotional material of recent times. And it seems to be rubbing off on the fans.

While we posted this fan-created video above before, it deserves a repost since they’ve now actually built a site around this witty little gem. It seems that “create” and “share” have the potential to extend beyond the remit of the software and creative tools built into LittleBigPlanet but extend into the whole cultural sphere of creativity that surrounds it – even if it does exploit a tired, worn internet meme.

Whether Media Molecule or Sony take a kind eye to this (lord knows they haven’t been kind to those using third party IP in-game) has yet to be seen. It is easy to see how they might frown upon people making such convincing – yet ultimately amateur and unauthorized – viral material for their game. However if the hammer does swing down on then it surely raises another question about LittleBigPlanet as a concept. Namely: “If we give people to power to create seemingly professional content, what happens if they use it out of context?”