Once more, with feeling

Ever since the demise of HD DVD, fans of the 360 have been wondering if Microsoft would jump on the Blu-ray train. At every corner there was a rumor, and every time the response was always the same: Not happening. Well guess what? Microsoft has come out again and stated that they have no plans to support Blu-ray. Shocking. In an interview with the Seattle news site Tech Flash, the President of Microsoft’s Entertainment & Devices division, Robbie Bach, ruled out any possibility of Blu-ray on a Microsoft system. However, this time he gave three specific reasons as to why they will not support it.

“When you ask people the list of things they want to see us spending time creating in Xbox, Blu-ray is way, way down on the list. The second thing is, from a technical perspective, it doesn’t help us in the core of what Xbox does, which is in gaming. We can’t have publishers produce games on Blu-ray disc. Because then they won’t play on the 28 million Xboxes we’ve already shipped,” he told Tech Flash. The final reason is..well..a Blu-ray SKU for the Xbox 360 just wouldn’t make economic sense.

“OK, let me get this straight,” he continued. “I’m going to add something to the product that’s going to raise the cost, which means the price goes up, consumers aren’t asking for it, and by the way, my game developers can’t use it.” Well, there you have it folks. There is no way that Blu-ray is going to come to the Xbox 360, ever. Maybe…8-track support?