Shaun White DLC is G-L-A-M-O-R-O-U-S

Aaaaaand TVGB has referenced Fergie. My work here is done. Shaun White Snowboarding has just received its first DLC, the Glamour Pack, for the 360 and PS3. Sadly, the best version of the game, the Wii’s, won’t be seeing any. The DLC is just a bunch of clothing, which at this stage in the game really doesn’t cut it anymore. Come on Ubisoft, where’s a new hill or some sort of new challenge or anything that would really be worth $4.99. 4 new goggles! Holy crapy, my gaming dreams have come true.

The full contents of the DLC are:

. 7 Pants
. 7 Coats
. 4 Tuques
. 4 Gloves
. 4 Boots
. 4 Goggles
. 14 Snowboards
. 2 Bindings
. 3 Backpacks