Tom Clancy’s EndWar DLC keeps war from ending

Tom Clancy’s EndWar fans have a little something to rejoice over. Actually it’s more like a “Oh hey, that’s kinda cool” than a full on rejoice. Starting right around right now, a new “Faction Elite Pack” DLC is available to download for both the Xbox 360 and PS3.

With this pack, 300 Microsoft Points or, for PSN store people on real currency, $3.75, will score you a new battalion for each faction: the “legendary” JSF 15th Special Operations, the Spetsnaz Alpha Brigade, and the Enforcre Corps Battlegroup. Plus there’s two new upgrades per faction, the two mentioned are Ceramic Armor for the Spetsnaz Guard Brigade and Caseless Ammunition for the European Federation’s Gunships. Does this sound awesome? Am I the only one that had to look up what those battalions actually are? If you didn’t, then for less than four bucks why not add a little bonus fun to your game?