Will inFamous be infamous?

It’s quality headlines like that one that you keep you coming back to TVGB time and again, right? Well fine, I don’t like your bad puns either…jerks. Let’s just talk about the new inFamous vids from CES and be done with it then. In the video above you can check out the variety of powers that Cole, inFamous’ hero, who has been blamed for the destruction of Empire City, can use. He throws electricity and has an electricity shield and can throw more electricity.

Well, maybe the below video will show off some of the open world gameplay and cool “urban exploring” they’ve been talking about. Oh, nope. We’re in a tunnel, and killing the same bad guys… with the same move… over and over. Hmmm, this is reminding me of a Dynasty Warriors game more than an awesome open world superhero game. They better get a trailer out with a bit more story (it’s actually really intriguing) and some more variety in it, or else we’ll have to start prophesying the next great PS3 exclusive disappointment.