Best Buy videogame sales slipping

It’s been a rough couple of months for the industry everywhere. Web sites have been trimmed, great magazines have vanished, and some notable studios have bit the dust. So it was good news when GameStop reported a 22 percent jump in holiday sales when compared to last year. That meant that the consumer still hungered for some good ol’ gaming. One would think that this prosperity would then transfer to all stores that sold videogames. Not true.

Best Buy, the electronic behemoth, has reported a videogames sale slip. Yesterday the company released a sales summary for the fiscal year, ending Jan 3. How big is this sales slip? Not that bad, as Best Buy reports that the sales dip is only “by the single digits.” The retailer attributes the dip in sales to the declining sales of “large-ticket consoles.” Hmmm, maybe you can share the love GameStop? You know, kind of rollback that empire for a little bit?