Laid off 1UP writers/podcasters need help

When 1UP was acquired by UGO Entertainment, a lot of good people lost their jobs. Now a group of them, in an effort to get their own website off the ground, have begun raising funds. Certainly we are going through tough times, and even though we all have our own problems and situations (this World of Goo game is actually pretty tough!), I know we can find the time to help our fellow videogame aficionados.

If you need convincing, the guys at eat-sleep-game are very compassionate.

“If you can throw them a couple of bucks too, please do; like us, they don’t need it, but if you’re inclined, video equipment is expensive and it can only help make a better show for everyone. And if you already donated to us (of which there are TONS of you insanely generous people, and we can’t even begin to show our appreciation), know that we’ll certainly be helping those guys out too if they need it once we have the podcasting stuff we need.”

Like they said, it’s your choice if you want to help out or not. Just remember, not everyone can go out to the field and slay a few demons every time they need some dough.