Microsoft wants you to have way more than 100 friends

Anyone here frustrated at the friend-cap on Xbox LIVE? Can’t add enough strangers that you only play with once, or not at all? Well, Microsoft has got your back. That is according to Xbox director Aaron Greenberg, who spoke about the topic at CES 09. Greenberg explained that the 100 friend limit was due to the last generation. You see, the original Xbox games were coded to be limited to 100 friends, and that hitch transfered over into this generation. But what about now?

“I can’t commit to when that will happen, but that is something we want to do. It’s definitely something we’re looking at expanding and, as this social network grows, we’ve absolutely heard the pleas for that. It’s on the list,” he replied when asked about the limit. Was that a pun at the end of that quote? We don’t need puns Greenberg, we need action, we need a 1,000,000,000,000 friends list!!

Oh, and maybe you work up a Banana outfit for our Avatars while you’re at it.