New Ghostbusters game to be released on June 16

The Beatles were wrong. Happiness is not a warm gun; it’s a warm power pack and a quivering trap holding a ghost hostage. This June you will know happiness when the Ghostbusters return to action. But June 16 (and June 19 in Europe) won’t merely mark the release of the newest chapter in the Ghostbusters saga. As it is the 25th anniversary of the film’s original theatrical release, on June 16, Sony will also debut the the original Ghostbusters on Blu-ray alongside the videogame.

Watch the trailers here and you’ll notice (at 1:23 into the video) five ghostbusters fighting the paranormal plague — not four. That’s because the new ‘buster is you, a raw recruit just learning how to use all of the new equipment. I’m happy Terminal Reality made that choice, as I don’t pretend to be as rad as Peter Venkman, and you shouldn’t either.

The game has all the right pedigree: fantastic writers in Akroyd and Ramis, humorous characters, and gorgeous character models and graphics. However, I have my worries. From videos around the web, the gameplay seems a little stale. Apparently, the entire game revolves around the player shooting a constant stream from his power pack — while avoiding projectiles thrown by the ghosts — until it overheats, whereupon he stops for a second to let it reboot. Let’s hope that in the coming months we see more varied environments and techniques.

Either way, this summer promises to be full of Ghostbuster goodies. I wish my birthday was in June.