Phantasy Star Ø en route to DS’s across multiple ponds

That odd title means what you may or may not think it means. Phantasy Star Ø (pronounced “zero”) is coming to America and Europe. Announced just yesterday, the action RPG will show off a number of interesting sounding features such as “Visual Chat” commands that are customizable. While I’m not entirely sure what that is, the DS sure could use a good means of chatting while playing online games. On top of that, there will be 14 customizable character types who will each have access to their share of over 350 unique weapons. The story, in a nutshell, is a post-apocalyptic phantasy (see what I did there?) setting in which you play a hunter, who is someone tasked with venturing outside city bounds to find means of protecting and preserving your homeland. A bit different but not drastically. You’ll be into this or you won’t basically because it’s a new Phantasy Star game, though. Expect this in the Fall of this year, 2ØØ9.