Vote for your favorite StarCraft II Dark Templar unit

Waiting for a game that’s likely to blow your mind away is a bit like being hungry and watching a meal being prepared right in front of you. Some might say waiting for StarCraft II could be compared to having starved for five days and watching a gourmet chef cooking your favorite dish. Luckily, the the chef occasionally lets you have a small taste of what’s to come in order to keep your appetite on the go. Blizzard have just given their fans a big bite, with the democratic vote on which “Dark Templar” unit that should be featured in StarCraft II.

The cloaked and audacious Dark Templar has got two possible looks for the sequel. The first alternative (which we recognize from the original StarCraft) is masked and carries one warp blade, the other one kills with a dual scythe and is more heavily armored. Go check them out for yourself and don’t forget to vote on the one that you find prettiest. Those suffering from decision anxiety can vote for a random mix of the two.