Socom: Confrontation 1.30 patch brings trophies, lag

This past Friday, the 1.30 update for Socom: Confrontation was released, bringing with it a host of new features, including trophy support, a quick match/party system, and key bug fixes. And lo, the Socom community rejoiced. In fact, one poster over at seemed to find religion in the long-awaited patch, declaring “PRAISE BE TO HIM THE LORD THE JESUS CHRIST OUR LORD AND SAVIOR ASK AND YOU SHALT RECEIVE!”

The latest post on the the official Socom Web site, however, calls into question the infallibility of the 1.30 update, citing “server issues which are causing community/stats errors as well as increased latency.” And lo, members of the Socom community gnashed their teeth and beat their breasts, shouting to the heavens “WHY CANT I SWITCH SHOULDER VIEWS ANYMORE…..AND HOW CAN I GET THE OLD CONTROLS BACK?” Amen.