White Knight Chronicles coming to the west

Ok, so you probably saw this coming ever since White Knight Chronicles was first announced, but it’s a slow news day. In an interview with Gametrailers, Level-5 President Akihiro Hino confirmed that White Knight Chronicles will indeed see the western world. There is no word of a release date or window, but fans of this game should be happy that the RPG is being localized. On the other hand, Hino also reveals that the western players may not be able to play with their Japanese brethren. When asked if it was possible to play online with Japanese players, Hino would only say that “it hasn’t been decided”.

White Knight Chronicles was released in Japan last December on the PlayStation 3, and has enjoyed generally favorable reviews ever since. If you ask me, online region locked is a small price to pay considering how starved I am for some RPG action on the black box.