AionGuard revealed

Avalanche Studios, the guys who brought us all Just Cause, have just had their newest game, AionGuard, featured and revealed in Edge Magazine (print is still alive, I tell you!) and does it look like something special. The game will be an open world fantasy style game that takes place on a giant battlefield full of plenty of mythical creatures and giant monsters. Players will even be able to board dragons and ride them across the land.

Players will take on the role of the AionGuard, who are an elite force of men who have merged with magical armor to give themselves impressive powers. It’s a symbiotic relationship that Avalanche describes as a mix of “WWI dogfighter pilots, Samurai and medieval knights.” The AionGuard are out to reclaim the land of their almost decimated civilization from the supposedly evil Nazurbaal. Players won’t just be fighting through the Nazurball baddies though. Since the game is open world they’ll be able to cut off supply trains or disrupt troupe movement.

On a whole the game sounds very promising and if you’re able to check out Edge you’ll know it looks great too.