Creepy doesn’t even begin to describe this

What happens when two of the most recognizable mascots crash into each other and become one? That image to the left happens, and it’s too strange for words. That thing is AKASHI by artist Dave Bondi and there are only 250 of them in the world. I’m think that they stopped at 250 because if any more were made the power of both Disney and Nintendo’s legal forces would draw together and destroy earth. It seems Bondi is a fan of both characters and decided that he’d like to meld the two together and make us all finally realize what Kingdom Hearts on a Nintendo platform would actually look like. The toys have been around for a bit, but it’s new to us. If you’re interested in this cloning experiment gone horribly wrong then you can lay down £43.99 and have it mailed to you post haste. If this doesn’t start a conversation at your next party, you’re the most uninteresting person ever.