Neversoft will never be making a Tony Hawk again

Do you know how awesome the first Tony Hawk games were? They were so awesome that I watched my brother play through them. See I suck at skateboarding games — just not my skill set. However, my brother rocked at them so I’d sit and watch him play because at the time the games were just that good. Watching him play through one now though would be like torture to my face. They’re tired and repetitive.

Thus it comes as fantastic news that Neversoft has officially announced that they will no longer be making the Tony Hawk games, hopefully allowing another designer to breathe some life into the aged and decrepit series. Speaking with the Great Falls Tribune, in a story about how amazing he’s done after leaving his hometown, Joel Jewett, founder of Neversoft, said that the company would be focusing on the Guitar Hero series and ditching Tony Hawk all together. He even admits that a new company is “probably best for the franchise … it’s time for someone else to add fresh ideas to it.” Damn straight it is.