New deets on GTA: Chinatown Wars

Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars is still a big question mark for gamers out there. How’s it all gonna work on that tiny DS? Will there be as much freedom as we’re accustomed to? What’s the story all about? Touch controls or standard? Actually, a few of these questions have already been answered, but we’ve got more info on the game now. For instance an FCC filing shows that there will be about two hours worth of cutscenes in the game and 48 minutes of supplementary gameplay footage. That’s plenty of classic GTA style art for all to enjoy.

On top of this, other new details show that the game will have multiplayer functionality both on and offline and include item exchange and stats via Rockstar Games Social Club Support. That’s a whole bunch of functionality added on top of what are already being called flawless controls and a city and citizens that feel very much alive. Oh, and in case you were wondering where the portable nature of the game comes into play, most of the missions and mini-games that you’ve already played will be easily accessible from the game’s hub. Perfect for those quick pick-up and play sessions that we all love the DS for.