(Politics + Puzzles) x Platforming = Clover

Speaking of Braid, independent developer Binary Tweed is currently working on a “political platform puzzler” for the Xbox Live Arcade that expounds the same spirit, if not the same story, as the imaginative and innovative time-bending brainteaser.

Clover is a plot-driven puzzle platformer with a watercolor look, melancholy music and a political theme. Players solve puzzles by collecting items, unfolding the story of recently orphaned adolescent Sam who is exploring the people and places of his monarch-ruled welfare state following the death of his mother.

“Clover is a game about artwork and plot; so much so that we’re struggling to fit everything within the size limit,” said Daniel ‘Deejay’ Jones, Managing Director of Binary Tweed. “We wanted to make a game that has the artistic charm to appeal to a broad audience, whilst exploring issues that communicate to adult gamers.”

I dig the concept, but hasten to declare this the next Braid until some actual gameplay footage surfaces — the current selection of screenshots is much to South Park meets Kandinsky for my taste.