We got yer cake right here, Fat Princess

Despite garnering controversy for the less than diminutive damsel in distress at the heart of the gameplay, Sony’s PlayStation Network release Fat Princess seems to be shaping up nicely.

The cooperative strategy title features two teams of 16-players, each working together to capture the flag. Only in this case the flag is actually a rather rotund royal, trapped in a dungeon and crammed full of cake by the enemy to make her rescue and transport a backbreaking exercise in teamwork. The downloadable title will feature a total of ten maps, five character classes, three game modes and one hilarious, possibly heinous concept – dragging a morbidly obese woman across a battlefield.

While we feel everyone is entitled to their opinion, we personally can’t wait to start stuffing her highness with sweet, sugary delights. I had no idea cake grew in the wild! The more you know… Anyway, hit the jump for a couple more educational and entertaining videos. We think you’ll agree, with its diverse gameplay, charming graphics and controversial concept, Fat Princess looks like a ton of fun, pun definitely intended.