Nintendo wants to, can’t, keep you fit post-christmas

The holidays are long gone, the kids are back to school and new years is but a fleeting memory. There is one remnant of the period however, the turkey still hanging from your gut. As per usual, the month of January is amok with people looking to shed those festive pounds, all self-righteous with their New Years resolutions.

What better to loose weight this New Year than with Wii Fit? if you think that sounds like a capital idea, then you’re not the only one. Nintendo is concerned that – as usual – supply of the exergame will fail to meet demand. Though with more people than usual looking for a quick way to loose weight, it stands to do so spectacularly.

Speaking to MCV, a Nintendo spokesperson said: “We are expecting demand for Wii Fit to continue to be strong throughout January as it has been since its launch in April 2008. However, despite increasing global production and shipping more product into the market than ever before, we may still have some stock shortages.”