LocoRoco 2 releasing at bargain bin price

Cute. Funny. Cheap. LocoRoco 2 promises to be all these things — in addition to the new characters, expanded abilities and improved gameplay elements, the official sequel (we’re not counting the PlayStation Network’s interactive screensaver Cocoreccho) will be rolling out at an economy-friendly MSRP of $19.99.

Early gameplay videos suggest LocoRoco 2 will be borrowing heavily from Sony’s other sleeper success, Patapon to good effect, featuring musical mini-games and an interactive, animated game world menu much like the similarly priced rhythm-centric action/strategy title. Oh no, did I just compound my excitement for LocoRoco 2 with my impatience for Patapon 2?

If you can’t wait to start singin’ and rollin’, know that pre-ordering from GameCrazy, GameStop or Amazon will get you a voucher code that can be redeemed on the PlayStation Network for the demo, which will be released a few weeks before the game hits shelves on February 10.